Chicken Matzoball Soup waiting for some chicken lol, gotta love it




I make my own stock.

I use either a whole chicken or most of the time chicken

thighs about 4-5 depending on the size for a pot.

Add cut up carrots 4-5, half a celery, whole onion, fresh dill and parsley

(u can use the spices if you don’t have fresh) .
add garlic powder and salt & pepper.

I put in a few chicken cubes or my go to is vegeta sold on Amazon doesn’t have a lot of sodium so it’s great.

Cook for around 1 1/2-2 hours

I remove the onion and the chicken.

sometimes leaving some pieces of chicken in.


Streitz matzoball mix take a 1/4 cup of oil,

2 eggs blend well.

add the mix and make sure to blend well.

refrigerate for 15 minutes then form small matzoballs with your hands about 11

from one pack cook in the soup turning .

1-2 times about another 20 minutes.


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